Tomb of the founder of Saint Paul’s church

Inside the Church of St. Paul, there is an exceptional example of arcosolium (medieval tomb with and arch) with a stone sarcophagus containing the remains of the founders of the original 13th century church, Pavle Bari and his wife Dobra.

Both in the lunette and in the intrados, above the sarcophagus, there are preserved remains of the 13th century fresco paintings.

The only well visible fresco painting is the one with the image of St. Paul, on the northern side of the intrados, while on the opposite, southern side, the fresco painting is completely destroyed. It is considered that there once stood the fresco painting with the image of St Peter.

On the northern side of the arcosolium lunette, one can notice the Deisis with the representation of the Virgin Mary holding Jesus.

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