Perast Museum

Perast is a town with perfectly preserved town core and as such it is classified among the best preserved Mediterranean towns on the entire eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. Those who take credit for the glory and the beauty of this town are its inhabitants – those who were building it, who were writing pages of its history and also those who were spreading its fame all over the world.

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Stone sculptures of Kotor Lapidarium make a singular group of monuments of our past, quite certainly the richest one in Montenegro and one of the most significant on the south-eastern cost of the Adriatic Sea. Present-day Lapidarium is situated in the Romano-Gothic church of St. Michael in Cinema Square, in Kotor Old Town.

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Saint Paul’s church

At the foot of St. John’s hill, in the street extending from the Northern to the Southern Town gates, formerly the most important artery of Kotor, behind the apse of St. Tryphon’s Cathedral, there lies St. Paul’s Church. The Church used to be completely hidden by a high wall, so that it was only the Romano-Gothic portal that was indicating to the existence of significant architecture behind that seemingly featureless wall.

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Gallery of Solidarity

The art collection consists of more than 400 works of art (paintings, graphics, drawings, sculptures and photographs), as of 2011 located on the ground floor of the representative Renaissance-Baroque Pima palace, in Flour Square, in Kotor Old Town.

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