Dobrota lace

The skill of making Dobrota lace is a protected intangible cultural asset of Montenegro. Dobrota lace was named after the coastal area of Dobrota and is a local version of Italian reticilla lace.
This treasured skill, as an intangible cultural asset of national importance, must be kept alive.
By encouraging the local population to take part in learning the skill, we continue the path of preserving and protecting the life of this most valuable intangible cultural asset.

Nada Radovic, a custodian of this skill, led the workshops. “Today, Dobrota lace making is no longer endangered as it once was, because people have recognised its importance. The participants of the workshops, which I see as a school, breathed new life into it. I am happy for everyone who took part and learned how to make the lace, especially the people who came from abroad and those who have mastered the skill and now can go on to teach others ” – said Nada Radovic.


Pacijenca- is the title of an exhibition of works of Dobrota lace which was opened in front of the Cathedral of St. Tryphon. The programme included live demonstrations of lace making by participants of the workshops. The skill of making Dobrota lace is a protected, intangible cultural asset of Montenegro. The location of the lace and embroidery exhibition is significant as it will be held in the most important of the city’s squares which has long been a meeting place for local citizens. The word pacijenca is a local version of the Italian word pazienza which means patience.